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About Archisec

One of the biggest struggles that SMBs and startups have in deploying cybersecurity measures is that they are often priced out. Cheap consulting services are extremely lacking and hiring bonafide professionals can be extremely expensive and cost-prohibitive. Due to this issue, we often see that these organizations simply opt to ignore security when building the foundations of their organiztion.

This can be extremely detrimental and cause 100x more work down the road as the company finally begins to mature. Old solutions have to be ripped up and security has to be forced in. This leads to everyone in the organization viewing security as an obstacle and outright pain in the rear. However, security ends up being essential as companies grow and are forced into compliance, either by regulatory entities, clients, or both.

Archisec’s Founder had a vision of a cybersecurity consulting company that could help SMBs and startups by providing just the right advice at the right time. These organizations don’t need to deploy a $250,000 IDS solution. They can’t afford to pay $400,000 in cybersecurity professional salaries. The average annual cost for a fully-featured Security Operations Center is $3.5 million a year. What’s needed is advice that is actionable now that doesn’t include fancy tools, hiring specialists, and wasting valuable resources when the organization is still trying to find its feet, scale, and close deals.

That’s where Archisec shines. As a veteran-owned business, we bring a passion for the industry and a desire to do right by our clients, combined with a philosophy of making things simple and providing expert management consultation without the technobabble.